Eco-friendly mini-market, vintage clothing store by the kilo, Scandinavian-inspired decoration store, or even a shop specializing in new generation electric bikes, trendy business ideas are numerous and the clientele just as vast.

Trade consists in buying products from third parties for resale in their original state, without transformation or after minor transformations. Physical store or online store, the field of action is therefore very wide and stimulates the imagination of the most creative entrepreneurs.

But if the products marketed are not the same, the keys to success in opening a business remain the same: reliable market research for a solid business plan. Not to mention a strong motivation and in-depth knowledge of the main issues and problems of the trading profession …

Under these conditions, whatever you sell, you must upstream commit yourself to an exercise, sometimes considered perilous: the development of the business plan for commerce.

How to open a business? From market research to business plan, including a quick check-up of the essential qualities necessary for any trader, we guide you in this article.

Physical commerce: a sector that has suffered in recent years

Economic crisis and growing power of Internet purchases, physical commerce has suffered in recent years. The current context therefore appears at first glance not very attractive for the opening of a business …

However, all is not so bad and new businesses continue to flourish: between 2008 and 2010, the creation of businesses exploded to more than 77.5%. The boom is short-lived, but the rate of business creation remains strong at around 18.5% between 2010 and 2013.

Of the 72,000 retail business creations in 2013, two business sectors stand out.

Surprisingly enough, the retail trade in stalls and markets captures more than a quarter of the market share: 21,808 such businesses are created. Less surprisingly, the second most popular sector is that of non-store businesses, with in particular nearly 10,000 distance selling businesses. From the most ancestral form of commerce to new technologies, the market separates these two extremes.

What should we take away from it?

As you can see, the retail sector is undergoing tremendous changes. Before you go head-to-head to start a business, be sure to do a careful market research and to anticipate the constraints related to the profession.

A keen sense of interpersonal skills and unfailing cordiality in the face of the most irritating customers, availability 7 days a week and a schedule that often goes against the grain, as well as an ability to be competitive in a very competitive market , the prerequisites for setting up a business are numerous.