Youth Protection Training and Adult Registrations

Youth Protection Training is mandatory for ALL registered volunteers as of June 1, 2010. This applies to unit leaders as well as non-unit leaders such as merit badge counselors or unit commissioners. New leaders can take the training by logging onto and setting up their MyScouting account to access the Youth Protection Training module. Upon completion of the training, new leaders should print out their trained certificate and give a copy to their unit. The unit will attach the certificate to the individual’s adult application before submitting it to the council service center. Once the new leader receives their BSA membership card, they will need to go back into their MyScouting account and enter their membership ID number so their training will be recorded.

The certificate is good for two years, so leaders should check their Youth Protection Training status prior to their unit’s recharter month, to avoid delaying their unit’s recharter process. The unit will not be able to recharter with leaders whose Youth Protection Training has expired.

Leaders registered with Venture crews must take the Venturing Youth Protection Training instead of the regular course designed for pack and troop leaders. If venture leaders are also in a pack or troop, they must take both trainings.


We believe the critical importance of protecting our youth from abuse or violence will be recognized by all and that parents and leaders will take comfort and pride in the steps we are taking.




Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America