The Council operates 2 year round camping facilities.

Camp Soule - Owned and operated by the West Central Florida Council, is comprised of 53 acres of pristine wilderness, located in the heart of Clearwater.  It offers protected trees, wildlife and beauty.  The camp has five campsites, a dining hall, a health lodge, a chapel, a maintenance building, a trading post, a field sports range, two cabins, a campfire ring, a camp master cabin and a home occupied by the full time camp Ranger and his family.  Camp Soule is constantly utilized for short-term camping, family camping, training, day camps and various other activities.  Camp Soule Map

Sand Hill Scout Reservation - This is a 1,300- acre camp, recognized as the premeir Scout Summer Camp in the area, offering numerous programs such as archery, rifle and shotgun, canoeing, rappelling and swimming.  In addition to its use in the summer, it has 10 campsites that are used year-round.  More than 100,000 Scouts, leaders and outside organizations use the camps for training, camping and activities each year.  Sand Hill Scout Reservation Map

Big Foot Wilderness Camp - One of our council's hidden treasures is Big Foot Wilderness Camp at Green Swamp (east of Dade City).  It is located in a 30,000 acre wilderness preserve owned by the State of Florida – Southwest Florida Water Management District.  The facility has a  1,200 square foot cabin, with lights and indoor plumbing, two wood stoves for heating, an outdoor shower for Scout use, a troop campfire area, and patrol campsites.  There’s a 5-mile loop trail starting and ending at the cabin, which is perfect for completion of a second class 5-mile hike requirement.  This loop intersects with a portion of the Florida National Scenic Trail extending approximately 25 miles in a northerly direction and 10 miles in a southerly direction.  Camp Big Foot offers a great camping and hiking experience in a true wilderness setting.  The cost for use of the camp is a flat fee of $20.00 for the weekend.  

If you would like to reserve either Camp Soule or Sand Hill, make your reservations here or download and fill out the camp usage form for Camp Soule or Sand Hill To make reservations for Big Foot Wilderness Camp click here or use the mail in camp usage form for Big Foot Wilderness Camp, then mail or fax (727-392-1080) it to the Council Service Center.  You can check availablity on line or  call (727-391-3800 ext. 212) or email Donna Felsh at  ( to check for camp availibility.  Please refer to the camp use fee chart for costs for facilities and equipment.

In the past, donations from the United Way and individuals have allowed us to subsidize rental fees for our camp facilities and keep them extremely low.  As those sources have declined during the current economic climate, the West Central Florida Council has had to review the camp fees and bring them closer to actual operating costs.  The council camping committee looked at what other councils are charging as well as what other camp grounds charge and have recommended a new fee schedule to the council board, which has approved them.  The new camp fee schedule is available and became effective April 4, 2014.  These fees will be charged for units as well as district and council activities. 

Camp Soule and Sand Hill Pools
The West Central Florida Camping Committee has provided clarification for the utilization of the pools at both Camp Soule and Sand Hill.  Pools can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis in half-day increments through the council service center.  Units must have a Safe Swim Defense trained adult and provide a currently certified BSA Lifeguard (or Red Cross, or YMCA equivalent), Swimming Water Rescue or BSA Instructor to open the pools.  Additional rules for Safe Swim Defense can be found in the Guide to Safe Scouting.  Standard months of availability will be April-October.  Pool hours at Camp Soule: 9-12 AM, 2-5PM,(no lights).  Pool hours at Sand Hill:  9-12 AM, 2-5 PM, (lights available). 



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